Azola, be in control of your biomethane injection by storing it

Our activity

Azola liquefies biomethane, stores it in liquid form and regasifies it to inject it into the gas grid at the appropriate time.

Two solutions are possible:

The producer solution enables you to draw full benefit from your biomethane production:
Our offer allows to store up to 60,000 Nm3 of biomethane which cannot be properly valued (the equivalent of 10 production days for a 250 Nm3/h unit). When the gas grid becomes available, the biomethane is reinjected automatically during the next day, week or month.

The grid solution enables distributors to optimise their grid:
Our temporary storage solution is based on a GRID unit which starts up automatically when the grid is saturated and stores the gas in liquid form. Once congestion is gone, the unit reinjects on the same part of the grid or elsewhere (deported injection).

Our PLUG & PLAY offer


Extended range from 50 to 500 Nm3/h - simple and ease of use

High reliability due to the absence of rotating machinery

Flexible flow rate due to our unit’s performance range from 30 % to 100 %

Unit start-up and stop flexibility - in less than one hour

Optimised electrical consumption due to the absence of compressors and cold machinery

Adapter Services through an all-inclusive operation and maintenance contract

High BioLNG purity (> 99 % of methane)

Our PLUG & PLAY offer includes

A storage unit seized to your needs

Its installation and commissioning

Staff training to unit operation

Consumables management

Complete facility maintenance

Real-time access to the unit’s data

Operational support

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