Storengy, a subsidiary of ENGIE, at the forefront of geothermal energy

Storengy is a key player in the development of geothermal energy and a subsidiary of ENGIE, a worldwide reference group in low-carbon energy and services, as well as a leader in energy transition. 

In association with other companies of the ENGIE group and its partners, Storengy is one of the few operators who have all the expertise required to create centralised or de-centralised geothermal energy solutions to produce heat or power.

Storengy is a leading business in geoscience and drilling with its 21 storage sites and more than 600 wells drilled in Europe.

Geothermal energy, a renewable energy source

As a local, ecologic and always available energy source, geothermal energy benefits from recognised technological maturity and represents an alternative to future carbon-free energy needs.

Shallow or deep geothermal energy means drawing heat from the earth to supply heat or cold networks, or power stations.

Key figures

According to the technology used, geothermal energy can supply thermal comfort to up to 50,000 homes, or electricity to several tens of thousands of households.

Focus on deep geothermal energy

The temperature extracted (above 150°C) is generally located in favourable geological areas. The energy produced mainly allows to produce power and cogeneration on an entire territory. 

4 advantages and many benefits


The geothermal energy produced is renewable, and non-intermittent, unlike other renewable electrical energy sources (wind or photovoltaic power). It is particularly suited to the context of islands.


No combustion required to generate energy.

Geothermal energy is reliable and effective.


At equal power, geothermal power stations have a much smaller footprint and visual impact than other renewable energy sources.

Economic efficiency

From an economic point of view, geothermal energy solutions are very competitive in the long run, especially compared to fossil fuels.

Furthermore, they offer the possibility to co-produce heat, which is a local economic development lever.

Your advantages

  • Our unique and comprehensive technical expertise at the service of your facilities’ performance.
  • Our knowledge about regulatory requirements, standards in force and industrial safety.
  • A to Z support during the realisation of your geothermal energy project.

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