Geothermal energy: Sustainable commitment to green energy sources

Geothermal energy is a sustainable and renewable resource for urban and industrial heating networks

As a natural, clean and totally renewable resource, geothermal energy is available locally, close to the needs of urban and industrial areas, especially in the regions of Île-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Alsace. Distributed through a heat network, this heating method offers high energetic, ecologic and economic performance to respond to urban and industrial heating requirements. Its operation is taking place in aquifers with temperatures ranging from 30° to 100°C located at a depth of 1000 to 2000 meters. The energy is extracted via geothermal doublets which directly supply the heat network through a heat exchanger or heat pumps.

4 advantages and many benefits:


Geothermal energy is renewable. It generates no CO2 emissions and can be recycled indefinitely.

It has a reduced ecologic footprint. It can be easily integrated into urban spaces.


No combustion required to generate energy.

Reliable and powerful.


Geothermal energy offers its users the comfort of a renewable energy source without being intermittent.

Economic efficiency

From an economic point of view, geothermal energy solutions are very competitive in the long run, especially compared to fossil fuels. They benefit from subventions by the ADEME’s Heat Fund.

In France, users benefit from reduced VAT (5,5 %*) on the production of clean energy, including geothermal energy.
*according to the renewable energy coverage rate

Your advantages

  • Our unique and comprehensive technical expertise at the service of your facilities’ performance 
  • Our knowledge about regulatory requirements, standards in force and industrial safety.
  • A to Z support during the realisation of your geothermal energy project
  • The experience and know-how of the ENGIE group to offer you turnkey solutions.

Storengy, a subsidiary of ENGIE, designs, develops and operates all types of storage facilities and provides its customers with innovative products based on its in-depth experience on many markets and their respective environments.

Storengy is present in Europe (France, Germany and the United Kingdom) and has progressively extended its activities throughout the world. As a committed player in the energy transition, Storengy offers its technical competencies to many partners throughout the world in order to develop geothermal projects (heat, cold and power production), as well as innovative energy storage solutions.

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