ENGIE BiOZ, one of the first biomethane producer in France

Our business

ENGIE BiOZ initiates, develops, finances, builds and operates biomethane injection units in the French gas network (biological natural process of breakdown of organic matter in the absence of oxygen).

ENGIE BiOZ is one of the leaders in the production of renewable gas with several power stations in operation.

ENGIE BiOZ is involved in the development of biomethane injection projects with a territorial approach aimed at optimising:

  • The recovery of organic substrates on a territorial scale.
  • Recovery of all of the biogas produced.
  • The return to the soil of the organic matter near the unit.
  • Effective integration of the methanisation unit in its environment and its territory.

The goal of a territorial installation is to create synergies by collecting several types of organic matter locally and converting them into a renewable energy source, biomethane.

The advantages of our offers

Experienced and independent teams

ENGIE BiOZ has formed a team of around 65 people dedicated to biogas projects spread across the whole territory.
For each methanisation unit, we mobilise all the skills necessary for the success of the projects.

A position as project leader, ongoing responsibility

As project owner, ENGIE BiOZ has the capacity to carry out projects during all stages of development and construction of the project through to the operation of a biogas plant.

Close proximity to the territories

We wanted to develop projects in regions close to our branches in order to ensure closeness to project partners.

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