G-Store: a "very low-energy" geothermal energy offer for heating, cooling and heat storage.

"Very low-energy" geothermal energy uses heat from the subsoil at around 15 °C and has the advantages of meeting the energy needs of residential buildings or industry

The 5 strengths of G-Store:

Ecological and local

Renewable energy, which emits very little CO

Available/usable throughout France 

Little noise and visual disturbance 

Flexible and modular

Adapts to your project, your needs, your subsoil

Reliable and competitive

Proven, high-performance technology

80% of the heating and cooling needs of the buildings provided

Heating and cooling all year round, without intermittence

Seasonal storage of hot and cold

The facility distributes the energy directly from the basement to the building


Safe energy as close as possible to your infrastructures

Fits perfectly with the industrial or urban landscape

Your benefits

  • Personalised support.
  • Our turnkey solution.
  • Our unique and complete technical expertise geared towards your performance.
  • Our mastery of regulatory requirements, current standards and industrial safety.

Issy City Centre Project

Deep geothermal energy - Heating network

Coeur d'Issy is an ecodistrict project developed with low-temperature geothermal energy to meet the heating and cooling needs of local residents.

In figures:

  • 95% of energy needs met.
  • For more than 100,000 m² of offices, homes and businesses, including 627 housing units.
  • More than 5 certifications and labels such as NF-Habitat HQE, BEPOS and BiodiverCity.

Storengy, an innovative partner, is committed to the success of your project.

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