Your opportunities

Do you have an urban development project with ambitious energy and environmental performance objectives?
Would you like to offer future occupants a new source of innovative energy to meet sustainable development objectives?
We support you in setting up a renewable energy solution based on geothermal energy.

Energy is at the heart of the transformation of buildings and neighbourhoods. The challenge of the development projects is to associate energy efficiency and occupant comfort by combining ecological, economic and social innovations.

From the various existing solutions, geothermal energy has advantages that facilitate its integration into a virtuous urban project:

  • Response to heating and air-conditioning needs
  • Availability at any time, throughout the year
  • Can be adapted to all projects, from buildings to ecodistricts
  • Fully integrated into its environment

Our proposal

We propose taking action for the design, integration and implementation of a geothermal solution adapted to the needs of your development projects.

Your benefits

  • Take advantage of a tailor-made solution for a controlled energy price over the long term.
  • Ensure the thermal comfort, in both summer and winter, of the occupants of your buildings. 
  • Access to renewable energy with no visual impact and noise pollution.
  • Storengy expertise at your service, adapting to your needs and advising you for a tailor-made solution that is closest to your projects.
Photo credit: Antoine Meyssonnier

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