Your opportunities

Do you want to get involved with a methanisation project?
Do you have crop residue or livestock manure originating from your operations?
Join us in committing to methanisation! 

Methanisation can be used to produce biogas from the fermentation of livestock manure, crop residue, waste, etc.
This gas is used to produce heat and electricity or can be injected directly into the renewable gas network.
This renewable gas contributes to the development of renewable energies, but it is also a real opportunity for your territory.

Methanisation can prove an asset for your operation.
You can get involved in producing your own local renewable energy by recycling your materials and producing digestate to be used as manure and natural fertiliser to replace chemical fertilisers.

Photo credit: ENGIE BiOZ


Through our subsidiary ENGIE BiOZ, we offer you better recovery of your crop residue and livestock manure in the long term.

By powering an existing anaerobic digester, or in the development of a new unit, we turn your operating products into a renewable energy source.

Our second subsidiary, Azola, offers to optimise your biomethane production with a temporary storage solution to guard against episodes of congestion on the natural gas network limiting the injection of biomethane into the network.

Your benefits

  • Improve the recovery of your operating materials.
  • Recover fertilisers from methanisation (digestate).
  • Optimising your biomethane production and maximising your revenues.
  • Partner a renewable energy project in your territory. 
  • Storengy, ENGIE BiOZ and Azola expertise at your service, adapting to your needs and providing you with advice.
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